Moivaro Classic, a Virtual Safari in Tanzania.

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Moivaro Classic

Your trip will start with your arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport in the north of Tanzania. Landrover type cars will pick you up at the airport and take you to Moivaro Lodge and Coffee plantation. This is about a half an hour drive from the airport.


First stop:

1.Moivaro Lodge (Arusha)

Welcome to Moivaro Coffee Plantation, the lodge where you will find a charming atmosphere together with every comfort: an ideal spot to enjoy the impressive flora and fauna of East Africa. At Moivaro Lodge we will ensure that you are looked after in a unique, friendly and peaceful enviroment, helping you to prepare for your safaris and cosseting you on your return in the evening. You can always choose to relax and enjoy the beautiful vista of Mount Meru from the comfortable veranda, or perhaps to laze at the pool nestling in the midst of tropical trees and coffee plants.

Second stop:

2.Migunga Forest Camp

Lake Manyara 19 tents "Fairytale" atmosphere between the yellow barked acacia trees Lying in a shallow depression of the Great East African Rift Valley, Lake Manyara National Park spreads out across the valley, the alkaline lake dominating a vast landscape. Often called Tanzania's water wonderland due to the large number of birds and animals the lake supports, Lake Manyara is also famous for its tree-climbing lions often to be found dozing in the shade up in the branch of a tree - a unique phenomenon to the area.

Third stop

3. Lake Natron Camp

"Pure nature in a virgin land of ancient origin" Wild and remote Lake Natron lies in the northeast of Tanzania in between the Ngorongoro Highlands and Serengeti plains. Situated at the base of Africa's only active volcano Oldonyo L'Engai (Mountain of God). Lake Natron is one of the most alkaline lakes in the world. Home to millions of tiny crustaceans, the lake is a haven for literally thousands of lesser flamingo's and it is one of the most important flamingo breeding grounds on earth. Here it is the landscape rather than the animals that is the attraction - the area around the lake is dry, desolate and hauntingly beautiful.

Fourth stop:

4. Ikoma Bush Camp

Serengeti "Land of vast plains and un-tampered wilderness" Set in the midst of an incredible vista of savannah and skies, sheltered in a grove of acacia trees is Serengeti Tented Camp.  Ideally situated along the path of the migrating wildebeest between Kenya and Tanzania, the camp is situated at the border of the world-renowned Serengeti National Park. There you will find yourself on probably one of the best game drives in the area - along the western corridor of the park, taking in Kirawira and the Grumeti river - home to the infamous wildebeest-eating giant crocodiles. There is no better place to take in one of the world's greatest wildlife spectacles.

Fifth stop:

5. Speke Bay Lodge

Serengeti 8 bungalows, 12 tents Speke Bay Lodge is located on the south-eastern shore of Lake Victoria in Tanzania, East Africa. It is 15 kilometres from the Serengeti National Park, and 125 kilometres north of Mwanza. Speke Bay is part of Speke Gulf, named after the famous explorer John Hanning Speke, who, in 1858, discovered Lake Victoria to be the source of the Nile. Embraced by savannah, the Lodge looks like a small village, stretched out along the shores of the lake. The main buildings and luxury accommodation are round in form, built to perfection, painted white and thatched with a grass roof in the traditional style of the local tribe, the Sukuma. Since the Lodge is outside but close to the Serengeti National Park, it is the ideal place to start or end your safari, or relax during your travels. Excursions in boats and on mountain bikes are offered, so you can truly experience Africa; you can fish from the beach for Tilapia, enjoy the peacefulness, or wander around on the Lodge's 100 hectares of savannah, looking for birds.

Sixt stop:

6. Crater Forest Tented Camp

Ngorongoro CA This new tented lodge is located at Karatu, Tanzania, close to the Ngorongoro Crater, set a ten kilometre scenic drive away from the main road. Lying in a coffee plantation, 1800 m.a.s.l., this lodge offers fantastic views over the Ngorongoro Highland. The eco-friendly lodge is operated as an small scale lodge with only 15 tented rooms, all on platforms with magnificent views over the Ngorongoro Forest. Due to its size you will find personalised and tentative service. The rooms are spacious and all have ensuite bathrooms with hot showers and toilets. For those chilly upland nights enjoy the warmth of your own African-style firepot. The lodge offer mountain bike tours, bird watching, coffee Estate tours and forest tours as activities.

Seventh stop:

7. KIA Lodge

Welcome to KIA Lodge - "Your door to Tanzania" Only a few minutes drive from Kilimanjaro International Airport. KIA Lodge is situated in the heart of beautiful savannah scenery that is so typical of East Africa.
Centrally placed between the northern towns of Moshi and Arusha, KIA Lodge is ideally situated whatever your onward journey. Be it climbing the world's highest free standing mountain Kilimajaro or travelling on to Zanzibar to laze in the sun some more days.