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Sustainable Tourism Development

You as a guest in Tanzania are an important factor for the success of the policies and initiatives to have the development of Tanzania take place in an environmentally and socially sustainable way.

Therefore we ask our guests to respect the local environment and promote local projects, products and producers. In particular, we ask you:

* To assist local economies by purchasing local products instead of imported ones.

* Not to buy souvenirs made from endangered indigenous wood such as ebony, bamba kofi or mangrove wood, and to not buy souvenirs which encourage the destruction of our flora and fauna such as pieces of corals, large sea shells, turtle shells or other primed or living animals.

* Not to remove any natural objects such as plants, stones, wood or sea shells.

* Not to harass wildlife or marine life.

* Not to leave litter. Please take all litter back from the parks or safaris unless responsibly disposed of by your guides.

* To use water sparingly – water is precious.

* To remember the following: At your hotel and lodge, leaving towels on the towel rail means you want to use them again. Putting them on the floor means you want them to be replaced. This saves detergents.

* To please ask before taking photos of people or private houses.

* To respect the customs of the local population. In areas of Muslim population (coast towns and Zanzibar) women are requested to cover their shoulders and wear knee length skirts or trousers and not to go topless on beaches where there are local people. In towns men should not go shirtless. Alcohol is freely available but drunken behaviour is regarded offensive.

* Not to give presents or money to children and don't accept services from unlicensed people.