Where to stay, Lodges and tented camps in Tanzania.

Tanzania offers a wide variety of accommodations. From the possibility to put up your own tent to a very luxurious lodge like the Crater Lodge at the Ngorongoro crater. There are fully equipped tented camps which offer full service, electricity and warm water. There are tented lodges and lodges. A lodge is mostly a big main building with cottages surrounding it. Accommodations inside parks are more expensive as the lodges have to pay a fee to the park authority for each guest staying with them. Therefore an accommodation just outside a park can deliver the same quality for a lower price. Be advised to book your accommodation before you go to Tanzania. A safari is an adventure but it is not smart to gamble where you will sleep during the night.

Moivaro Lodges & Tented Camps   Foxes
Moivaro Lodge Arusha   Fox Camp Vuma Hill Mikumi
Safari Spa Arusha   Foxes Safari Camp Mikumi
KIA Lodge Kilimanjaro Airport
Lazy Lagoon
Near Zanzibar
Natron Tented Camp Lake Natron      
Migunga Camp Lake Manyara      
Crater Forest Camp Ngorongoro      
Tindiga Tented Camp
Lake Eyasi  
Ikoma Camp Serengeti      
Speke Bay Lodge Lake Victoria
Fumba Beach Lodge Zanzibar      
Unguja Lodge Zanzibar      
Swahili House Zanzibar