Zanzibar Island, Tanzania, a jewel in the Indian Ocean.

Here in Tanzania


Zanzibar is part of Tanzania. It consists of the Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean. There are numerous small islands and two large ones: Unguja (the main island, informally referred to as "Zanzibar"), and Pemba. Zanzibar was once a separate state with a long trading history within the Arab world; it united with Tanganyika to form Tanzania. The capital of Zanzibar, is Zanzibar City, and its old quarter, known as Stone Town, is a World Heritage Site.





3,500 sq km (1,351 sq miles). 


On the East coast of Tanzania. 

How to get there:

By air directly to Zanzibar or via Dar es Salaam or
by sea with large passenger ships from Dar es Salaam. 

To do:

Visit Stone Town, the city centre of Zanzibar City. Scuba diving,
snorkeling, spice tour, forest walks. 


Zanzibar red colobus monkey, vervet monkey, blue monkey, bush pig,
Zanzibar tree hyrax, Ader’s duiker, Zanzibar suni, Pemba blue duiker,
leopard, greater and lesser galago, African civet, Javan civet,
Zanzibar slender mongoose, bushy-tailed mongoose, marsh mongoose,
Zanzibar four-toed elephant shrew, Pemba flying fox, giant tortoise,
frogs, chameleons. 


Over 200 bird species have been identified, among which: Indian house crow, manikins, warblers, coucals, sunbirds, swifts, long-tailed paradise flycatcher, golden weaver, green wood-hoopoe, crested guineafowl, lilac-breasted roller, blue-cheeked bee-eater, lesser-striped swallow, black-winged bishop, herons, egrets, pygmy goose, yellow wagtail, crowned hornbill, wood owl, plovers, frigatebirds, oystercatchers, mangrove kingfisher and cardinal woodpecker. 

Best time:

During the dry seasons: December to February and June to October. 

Accommodation in partner lodges:

Fumba Beach Lodge (Moivaro) (Video link)

Unguja Lodge (Moivaro) (Video link)

Swahili House (Moivaro) (Video link)


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