Best reading places in Dongguan
2020-07-09 11:12     Source : Dongguan Today


"I had to leave the city, but I will remember you for the rest of my life." This recent farewell message left at Dongguan Library by Hubei migrant worker Wu Guichun touched many netizens. It made one feel the passion people living in this manufacturing city had for reading.

Libraries and bookstores are a reflection of the civilization and spirit of a city. Did you know there are a variety of libraries and bookstores in Dongguan? If you want to read, there is always one nearby.

Dongguan Library 東莞圖書館

The building area of Dongguan Library is 44,654㎡, its' building scale ranking top tier among prefecture-level cities nationwide. Inside, there is a designated comic library, the country's first Cantonese opera library and a self-service facility.

Dongguan Library now provides 1.5 million kinds of e-books, more than 10,000 e-journals, more than 60 million articles and papers, more than 80,000 video resources, and in excess of 700,000 sets of audio resources.

Address: Central Square, the south side of Hongfu Rd. Dongguan東莞市鴻福路南側中心廣場內

In addition to Dongguan Library, you can also find bookstores and cultural spaces which are popular online and are great reading venues within the city.

Editor: 譚晶
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