Guangzhou International Health Station to open in late September
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A new international health station will open in Guangzhou to help curb the spread of the COVID-19. Indoor scenes of the rooms in the stations unveiled recently. These rooms are equipped with star-rated hotel’s professional configuration and intelligent service facilities. The station is expected to be officially put into use as soon as late September.

"Intelligent station" with no-contact service

The process of quarantined personnel arriving at the station from customs and the airport will be unmanned. Medical detection, nursing and room service in the station will also be digitized and intelligent. At the same time, temperature measurement, disinfection, form filling, food delivery, medical waste collection and other artificial links are all achieved through information technology.

The rooms of the international health station are basically in a simple design, with an area of 18 square meters, 27 square meters and 36 square meters. There is a QR code scanning area at the door of the room, and people can enter the room by scanning the QR code.

Each room is equipped with a health monitoring system, with a screen that shows the specific conditions of people in isolation, including temperature data, nucleic acid test results, physical condition and so on. Staff can conduct video chats through the system, while people under quarantine can also use one-touch dialing, health reporting, intercom services and other functions through the system in the room.

The duty center of the station is equipped with master intercom, and each quarantine room is equipped with an extension intercom. If there is service demand, people can call the duty center with one-touch dialing service. There is a "help button" in each washroom, and quarantined personnel can call for help at any time. That avoids direct contact and reduces the risk of cross infection.

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