Expats thumb up for Dongguan's anti-epidemic efforts
Expats are impressed by the speed and way the Dongguan people and government dealing with this unforeseen situation.
Dongguan medics receive Mongolia-donated mutton
Since December 7th, 57 Dongguan medics who once aided Hubei in the anti-virus fight have received Mongolia-donated mutton with a certificate of quality.
1 individual and a community from Dongguan awarded for contribution in COVID-19 fight
During the epidemic, there were more than 14,600 health professionals from the city's public medical institutions and 2,215 medical staff from private medical
Serbian Ambassador sends thank-you letter to Dongguan enterprises
In April, Marko, a Serbian businessman in Dongguan, contacted the Dongcheng Chamber of Commerce to express concern about the plight of his country.
Dongguan receives appreciation from sister city in Germany
On 12th May, Wuppertal City in Germany, hometown of Engels, received 50,000 masks donated by sister city Dongguan.
Leaf carvings by Dongguan nurse show anti-epidemic scenes
This group of leaf carving works display frontline anti-epidemic work scenes, such as nurses measuring body temperature, doctors collecting pharyngeal swab...
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