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1 individual and a community from Dongguan awarded for contribution in COVID-19 fight
2020-09-11 10:51     Source : Dongguan Today


China held a meeting to commend role models in the country's fight against the COVID-19 epidemic in Beijing on September 8th. President Xi Jinping presented the awards and delivered a speech. He said the country, the people and history will not forget them.

1,500 individuals and 500 institutions and groups were recognized, along with another 200 Communist Party of China members and 150 Party organizations. Among them, one individual and a community from Dongguan. They were the Dongguan Municipal Health Bureau and Zhang Ping (head of Wanjiang No.2 District of the Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine Department, Dongguan People's Hospital).


The Dongguan Municipal Health Bureau was recognized as one of the role models in the country's fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Dongguan Municipal Health Bureau withstood great pressure and has passed this severe test of history. The city of Dongguan reported a total of 100 confirmed cases with 1 death and 99 cases cured.

During the epidemic, there were more than 14,600 health professionals from the city's public medical institutions and 2,215 medical staff from private medical institutions fighting on the front line. 57 medical workers were selected to aid the virus control efforts in Hubei Province and successfully completed their task.

As an expert in the respiratory profession in the city, Zhang has 35 years' experience of medical practice. She has been through many tough battles such as SARS, influenza A, avian influenza, and COVID-19. She fought on the front line and did her best time after time. As soon as a rescue team composing of 189 medical elites from the city entered the city's Ninth People's Hospital on January 24th this year, Zhang conducted training on the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 for them on that day, in poor conditions.


Zhang Ping

As the leader of the expert team, Zhang needed to lead the team members to diagnose and deal with the cases as soon as they appeared. Day or night, whenever the patient's condition changed, she would immediately contact others to guide medical treatment via phone or WeChat. Meanwhile, she also formulated a training plan for emergency situations, and trained medical staff in the city by herself about how to treat the patients.

"The greatest satisfaction for doctors lies in using their skills to save patients' lives, which is also the most gratifying thing for me. I receive this award on behalf of all the medical staff in Dongguan who have risked their lives to save others in the fight against the epidemic." said Zhang.

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