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Dongguan medics receive Mongolia-donated mutton
2020-12-16 12:37     Source : Dongguan Today


Zhang Liquan, from Houjie Hospital of Dongguan, receives mutton donated by Mongolia for her efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

In February this year, Mongolia donated 30,000 sheep to China to express its gratitude for China's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, 954 boxes of mutton donated by Mongolia arrived in Guangdong and were delivered to more than 2,000 Guangdong medical workers who fought the virus in Hubei province. 

Since December 7th, 57 Dongguan medics who once aided Hubei in the anti-virus fight have received Mongolia-donated mutton with a certificate of quality. With happiness they shared the mutton with their teammates, colleagues and family members.

Xu Ruhong, the leader of Dongguan's first medical aid team to Hubei and vice president of the No.9 People's Hospital of Dongguan, received a box of mutton together with another two team members. "We filled in the delivery address before, but barely remembered it, so we were surprised to received it," said Xu. He gave some of the mutton to his colleagues, and shared the rest with his family. "It must have taken a lot of work by the staff to slaughter the sheep and then deliver the mutton by courier," he added.

Shi Qinglian, the leader of the city's second medical aid team and vice president of Chashan Hospital, received mutton on December 7th. She cooked the mutton and distributed part of it to colleagues on duty in the hospital and staff of the city's health bureau.

Shi had two feelings regarding this special gift. "Although it has been more than half a year since we aided Hubei, we are still remembered and I am particularly moved. Besides, the packaging is still intact after such a long transportation. It was delivered to my home and very convenient to cook," she said. 

Song Xiuchan from the No.8 People's Hospital of Dongguan, and member of the city's third medical aid team, and her colleagues decided to send the mutton to the hospital cafeteria to make mutton soup for the other colleagues in the hospital.

"Whether they go to the front line or stay in the hospital, everyone has done all they can in fighting the pandemic. After receiving the mutton, we hope to share the joy and warmth with everyone," Song said.

Editor: 譚晶
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