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Expats thumb up for Dongguan's anti-epidemic efforts
2021-06-21 10:46     Source : Dongguan Today


On June 18, Dongguan reported one locally transmitted confirmed COVID-19 case. On the same day, Dongguan conducted mass nucleic acid testing in five towns and districts to curb the spread of COVID-19 and implemented closed-off management at 13 key venues. Expats living in the city have also actively cooperated in the anti-epidemic battle. Many of them are impressed by the speed and way the Dongguan people and government dealing with this unforeseen situation.

Fernando Munoz, an English teacher from Colombia, has lived in Dongguan for nearly 20 years. On the evening of June 18, Nancheng District, where he lives, carried out mass testing. He went to the nearby sampling site with his wife and mother-in-law. As people followed the guidance and queued up, everything was very orderly. He and his families are satisfied with the rapid response and strict management of the community.

"I must say that the city is doing an excellent job no matter this time or the last during June 7 to 9. In a short period, millions of residents have been tested. I want to say thank you to all the people who work in the medical teams and to all the officials who are in charge of setting up testing centers," he commended.

Fernando is also a video blogger. That night, he filmed the scenes at the sampling site with his mobile phone and posted it on social media. The overseas netizens could directly see the actual situation in Dongguan’s nucleic acid testing sites, showing everyone the real China and Dongguan's anti-epidemic efforts.

Ziv Glikman, who has also lived in Dongguan for many years, also experienced this all-people movement. He lives in Jinyu Zhongyang residential area (金域中央) of Nancheng District, very close to the medium-risk area Baiyue Shangcheng (百悅尚城), which is currently under closed-off management. Although he can no longer stroll around at will, he is not worried because the local government has gone all out to solve the problem and arranged everything in an orderly manner.

During the last mass testing in 17 towns and districts between June 7 and June 9, Ziv and his family had already witnessed "Dongguan speed" of the nucleic acid testing. As soon as they receive the notice, they came to the Baima Clubhouse (白馬會所) sampling site in Nancheng to receive the test. Under the instruction of the on-site staffs, they wore masks and lined up in an orderly manner. The whole process took less than 20 minutes.

"The nurses and doctors have been working since the middle of the night. They have been called for duty and have been doing an amazing job. Because of that, I think the situation will get better very quickly," said Ziv. Now he and the family stay at home. The protective measures in his community are reassuring. Staffs are coming to follow their situation and notify the specific time of the subsequent testing. Currently, they are waiting for a new round of nucleic acid testing with an easy mind.

Editor: Zheng Sihui
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