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Citywide virus testing launched in Dongguan today
2021-06-21 16:00     Source : Dongguan Today


A medical worker collects swab sample from a resident at a testing site in Songshan Lake.

Everyone should be responsible for epidemic prevention and control. Given the current epidemic situation in Dongguan city, to curb the further spread of the epidemic, Dongguan plans to carry out nucleic acid testing for all permanent residents and people coming to the city on June 21 (except those in Chang'an, Humen, Dalingshan, Macong towns who have been tested over the weekend).

The city will set up sampling sites for nucleic acid testing in each village (community). The general public is requested to cooperate and register the ID information via the "Yue He Suan(粵核酸)" WeChat mini-program in advance and generate a QR code (the previous application is still valid). They shall follow the arrangement of the village (community) to go to the testing site and complete the sampling work under the staff's instructions. Wear masks throughout the process, maintain social distancing of at least one meter and minimize conversation with others in a queue. The weather in Dongguan is very hot these days, with thundershowers forecasted. The general public should take precautions to prevent heatstroke.

Those who fail to participate in nucleic acid testing will bring themselves a lot of inconveniences. People who refuse to cooperate without justifiable reasons, hinder the epidemic prevention and control, or cause other serious consequences, shall bear corresponding legal liabilities in accordance with the law. For the health and safety of yourself and other residents of the city, please actively cooperate to ensure that the testing can be completed efficiently.

Meanwhile, to do a better job in the epidemic control and effectively protect the health and safety of citizens, from June 21, all towns and districts in Dongguan willtemporarily suspend the vaccination against COVID-19 during the period of citywide mass nucleic acid testing for all residents.

Please find the "registration code" exclusive to your town or district. Don't scan the wrong one!

Editor: 譚晶
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