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Notification from Dongguan COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Office(No. 38)
2021-06-23 18:51     Source : Dongguan Today

Notification from Dongguan COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Office(No. 38)

To further enhance Dongguan's efforts in the accurate and scientific prevention and control of COVID-19, given the current situation of the city's epidemic prevention and control, we hereby notify the arrangements as follows:

1. Large-scale meetings and gathering activities with more than 100 people are halted temporarily. Organizing an event with more than 50 people shall have an epidemic prevention and control plan and strictly follow the prevention and control measures under the principle of "who organizes, who takes the responsibility".

2. All units of the catering industry in Dongguan are required to set up tables not exceed 75% of the approved number, with each table can only have a maximum of 10 guests. It is strictly forbidden for strangers to share a table. All restaurants shall stop providing dine-in service in Machong Town.

3. In principle, traffic in public venues shall be limited to 75% of the approved capacity. Reservations must be made beforehand, and entries will be allowed on a staggered schedule. Public places should strictly control the number of people. If necessary, limiting measures could be adopted flexibly according to the actual situation. When entering the areas, visitors shall accept body temperature, health code checks, and other control measures. 

This notification shall come into effect upon its promulgation. Relevant measures will be periodically adjusted according to the epidemic situation. Thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation!

Dongguan COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Office

June 23, 2021

Editor: Zheng Sihui
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