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Dongguan halts offline teaching and training services
2021-06-24 21:00     Source : Dongguan Today

The epidemic prevention and control departments of each town and district:

To further enhance the COVID-19 prevention and control measures, to improve the prevention and control mechanism of homes and classrooms, to ensure the health and safety of teachers and students, and to prevent the increased risk of infection, it has been decided, all training institutions in the city shall stop providing offline training services. The detailed requirements are hereby notified as follows:

1. All towns and districts must recognize the full urgency of the current epidemic prevention and control work. Adhere to the principle of "who approves, who supervises; who is in charge, who supervises", the administrative departments should urge all training institutions within the areas to perform their duties and responsibilities. In accordance with the law, the institutions shall fulfil their obligation to make society-wide efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, and shall not organize centralized training, on-site consultation and any form of gathering activities, and shall not provide offline training services in violation of regulations.

2. The training institutions should do a good job in publicity and explanation, trying to gain understanding, support, and cooperation with the parents, students, and other members. The concerning matters such as curriculum schedule adjustment and refund should be dealt with properly to guarantee the consumers' legal rights and interests.

3. The administrative departments of towns and districts shall strengthen supervision and be tough on those who organize offline training activities in violation of regulations.

The resumption time will be determined according to the epidemic risk assessment.

Dongguan COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Office

June 23, 2021

Editor: Zheng Sihui
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