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145 sampling points opened for Dongguan citizens
2021-01-26 11:59     Source : Dongguan Today


According to the latest requirements of epidemic prevention and control, three groups of domestic returnees must provide negative novel coronavirus test results. Therefore, in the past several days, residents have lined up at checking points to take the nucleic acid test.

Dongguan Municipal Health Bureau indicated that Dongguan has set up totaling 145 sample collecting points across the city to enhance its testing capacity, making sure that all people who have the intention to return home in rural areas during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday can receive nucleic acid testing promptly and safely.

Also, many medical institutions in Dongguan will operate with large enterprises, factories, and industrial parks, setting up mobile sample collecting points to provide on-site sampling services for companies with a large demand for testing. The collection has been conducted in batches and staggered the busy periods to decrease personnel turnover and gatherings. Level II and above general hospitals are going to create more sample collecting windows.

During the Spring Festival, the city's medical institutions will try their best to optimize the sample collection services and efficiency, offering test results within six hours.

If any individual has testing needs, they should check the information and make an appointment by phone or online in advance to avoid crowded situations and try to choose the nearest testing point.

Editor: Zheng Sihui
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