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Dongguan LIVE 2018 Spring Festival Edition Episode 1: making fried dumpling
2018-02-12 12:57     Source : Dongguan Today

The Spring Festival is coming soon and there are many popular snacks for the New Year in Dongguan, such as Jau Gok (a fried dumpling-shaped wheat food filled with sugar and peanut pieces), Dan San (crispy egg shards ), Chao Mi Bing (fried rice biscuit), Dan Juan (crispy egg roll), Tang Huan (fried sweet ring), Sesame Balls, and many more. Dongguan LIVE has contacted the heir of Dongguan intangible cultural heritage, Yu Meilian, to teach special guests how to cook the traditional and authentic delicacies Jau Gok and Dan San.

Dongguan LIVE are shooting the Spring Festival Special Edition. This edition is closely linked to the traditional Chinese Spring Festival, in which most foreigners are highly interested. The first foreign team are the Smiths. Their mission was to learn how to cook Jau Gok and Dan San from Yu Meilian.

Editor: 譚晶
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